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The complex concept of sustainability and sustainable development is defined by the United Nations as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Clarimex is dedicated to being a strong responsible corporate citizen in the all safety, health and environmental aspects of our business. We continue to take proactive steps to improve our performance each area, protecting and helping our employees and citizens in the areas where we can make a difference.

Our corporate governance is structured with sustainability in all aspects being a priority. We are committed to:

  • Reducing environmental impacts in all operation continually
  • Maximizing our energy efficiency
  • Deliver products that help our customers develop sustainable solutions
  • Environmental Policy

    “It is the policy of Clarimex, to innovate so that our customers recognize us as an efficient and competitive organization, based in the efforts and commitment of our employees to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development.

    This achievement requires persistence in the application of practices like continuous improvement, operational discipline, and the compliance to accepted standards; tools that generate a supply of products and services that meet the requirements of our customers.

    In the same manner, it is our policy to establish a commitment based in our Environmental and Quality Management System, that ensures that Clarimex produces a line of products free of defects and friendly to the environment.”


    • 1) Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development are the highest priority values for production, transport, sales, quality and our costs.
    • 2) The mindset exists within Clarimex, that all environmental incidents are preventable, with a goal of zero occurrences.
    • 3) Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development are the responsibility of all, and a condition of employment.
    • 4) In Clarimex, we will commit ourselves to Continuar, through continuous improvement, the environmental prevention and Sustainable Development in the restoration of the environment, benefitting the community.
    • 5) All the team members of Clarimex are convinced that Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development are self-benefitting and motivate us to participate in this effort.
  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility:

    • Clarimex generates and support hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in the region, including employment in their facility, raw material suppliers, transportation, and contractors for numerous roles.
    • Clarimex has been dedicated to the process of continuous improvement, certified with ISO 9001 since 2000, and is currently in process of ISO 14001 certification, which includes process developments which are continually friendlier to the environment.
    • Guided tours are offered to interested groups such as schools and industry groups.
    • Helping the public understand our processes and how our product is used:

  • Community

    Contribution to the Community:

    Clarimex collaborates with the municipalities in the region in beneficial projects for the citizens in those areas. Such as:

    • Supporting a sporting complex in Tula de Allende, Hildalgo
    • Paving public streets around the plant
    • Participation in reforestation projects in public areas in nearby municipalities.


    With the goal of minimizing its environmental footprint, Clarimex is committed to optimization and beneficial use of natural resources. Such as:

    • Recirculation and reutilization of process water in its operations.
    • Reforestation of green areas within its facilities.



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